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this is something i translated in july, and the artist does not allow reposting anymore.

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6,363 再生,

Levi: Wake up, shitty brat. How long do you plan on laying there?
Eren: Hold on … Hanji…
Eren: Those footsteps are —
Levi: Oi. 
Eren: … Corporal!?
Eren: Good morning sir!
Levi: You were gonna foolishly waste such an important day sleeping? How unsightly.*
Eren: Important day? … Is Hanji experimenting again?
Eren: It isn’t even dawn yet …
Levi: Today is the second major cleanup day for the interior of the headquarters.
Eren: Eh? Cleanup day … Another one already?
Eren: Didn’t we just do a major cleanup the day before yesterday—
Levi: Precisely.
Levi: We will be cleaning the interior once every two days.
Eren: Once every two days? 
Levi: Yes. What did you do last time?
Eren: Ah, I helped out in the gardens!
Levi: Then you’ll be working here today.
Eren: Yes sir!

translator’s note: didn’t translate the little intro in the beginning (basically the stuff at the beginning of anime episodes) or the outro (which was just reading out the title and characters). 
I’m kind of iffy about the line with the *, but as always if there are any mistakes in the translation please message me so I can fix it immediately!